Behold, the Elizabeth Banks ‘SNL’ promos. We know you need them.

Without a doubt, 2015 has seen Elizabeth Banks rise to the top of her game. She directed Pitch Perfect 2 (setting a record for highest grossing film for a first-time director in the process), was nominated for an Emmy, returned to Wet Hot American Summer, and now will reprise her role as the uber-fabulous Effie Trinket in the fourth and final installment of The Hunger Games. Could she *be* any more incredible? 

To promote the film, Banks will host this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live for, surprisingly, the very first time. You know what makes it even more awesome? Hosting SNL was one of her dreams, and she’s about as pumped to be there as we are to watch her in action. 

Accordingly, she’s made a set of hilarious promos for the gig alongside cast member Kenan Thompson.

The clip has us giggling and oh-so excited for this Saturday night. Bring it, Elizabeth! 

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