Elizabeth Banks was so good on ‘SNL’ last night, we almost forgot she wasn’t a cast member

Guys, we’re developing a theory: Elizabeth Banks is a superhero. Let’s talk about this. She is unthinkably beautiful, she’s managing to break through the glass ceiling for women directors with lady-powered Pitch Perfect 2, she regularly manages to steal scenes from freaking Jennifer Lawrence as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games, and as her FIRST TIME as a host, she redeemed SNL in a big way for people who had major problems with last week’s polarizing host. Because superpowers, you guys, because superpowers.

There wasn’t a dud in the wide variety of sketches starring Banks, from her monologue which featured her directing herself (and an octopus) through a rendition of “What a Feeling” from Flashdance, to her flawless cameo in the recurring sketch “High School Theatre Show,” a bit that struck an unfortunate chord with many of us who have questionable thespian pasts.

She was also fantastic in “Black Jeopardy,” cast as a white liberal who “dated a black guy once so I don’t see color.” Her cloying, overly-sympathetic answers to the questions were cringe-worthy, but delivered with the perfect mix of privilege and self-congratulatory condescension. There is just no one else who can commit to a role like this.

The Twittersphere was predictably positive, sending a lot of love the way of the first-time host.

  Banks was also coming in on a spectacularly difficult time for any comedy show; with the world still reeling from the tragedy in Paris, it can be hard to find anything very funny right now. Elizabeth Banks was undoubtedly a huge boon in helping the stalwart cast of SNL do what they do best: giving us a laugh when we most need it. Paris’ sorrow was not forgotten in Banks’ premiere night, however, both the cold opening and Elizabeth’s good-night sent out sympathy and love to the City of Lights.

(Image via NBC)

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