Elizabeth Banks just found possibly the nerdiest gingerbread house ever and we’re in love

We’re so close to Christmas that we can almost taste the nog, so our spirits are at an all time festive high. Elizabeth Banks celebrated almost Christmas with a gingerbread house so amazing that we did a double take because we can hardly believe it’s real. We have to be honest, most of our forays into gingerbread house making end in absolute disaster, and they’re only the size of a milk carton — this gingerbread house is actually house-sized, but the best thing about it is that IT ISN’T A HOUSE AT ALL. Friends, Romans, Countrymen — it’s a gingerbread AT-AT and we’ve literally never been happier in our WHOLE LIVES. (This might be hyperbole, but when you see the pic, you’ll understand.

We’re not sure where this mind boggling confectionary construction is, but you bet we’re going to spend a not inconsiderable amount of time looking for it. It’s exactly what we wanted to see to tie our recent enthusiasm over Rogue One to our holiday cheer, plus Elizabeth Banks. It’s all a little too much, and we’re going to have to sit down.

If you’re feeling ambitious, there’s a handy Youtube tutorial that will show you how to make your own.


Bonus points if you make it LIFE-SIZED and invite Elizabeth Banks over for a hang. Also, invite us, please and thanks.

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