Elizabeth Banks shares a “Hunger Games”-related photo this Thanksgiving

How many times do we look at ourselves and exclaim, “This is like something out of a movie!” At least once in a while. (For some of us, this happens almost every day.) Well, actress Elizabeth Banks, who literally works in the movie industry, does so, as well. In fact, she loves to point out the similarities between the current political climate and her hit movie franchise The Hunger Games. Seriously, whether she’s sharing the likeness between her character Effie Trinket and President Elect Donald Trump or proudly declaring herself a badass feminist, Elizabeth Banks runs her social media account with refreshing honesty and humor… and always with a side of pop culture savviness. As such, whenever we want to laugh but also be inspired, we visit Elizabeth Banks’ Twitter account.

This Thanksgiving was no different. Elizabeth Banks had to make a Hunger Games-cornucopia related joke, because of course. She is a comedienne, after all.

Elizabeth Banks’ pop-culture pun game is strong.

Nice reference, lady!

For those of you who don’t remember, the Cornucopia is a huge part of the first Hunger Games book. In each year’s Hunger Games, the tributes (most famously, Katniss and Peeta) launch into the arena and begin the games equidistant to the Cornucopia. A bloodbath follows as they battle to gather supplies.

We sure hope readers’ Thanksgiving dinners did not involve literal murder! Of course, considering how serious the divide is between political parties and subsequently, families, we’re sure at least some readers’ holiday dinners felt like a battle.

Of course, Elizabeth Banks is not the only celebrity to compare our current climate to The Hunger Games. Back in July, Stephen Colbert crashed the Republican National Convention dressed as Caeser Flickermann. Although Colbert was quickly ushered offstage, the video went viral. Flickermann would have loved it. Effie Trinket would have shook her head, but secretly loved it, nonetheless.


Now all we can do is hope that, despite the many doomsday predictions of our peers, civilization will not fall into a Hunger Games scenario. But even then, we’ll have Elizabeth Banks around to make us smile! (And maybe, just maybe, help lead a rebellion.)

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