Prepare to see Eliza Coupe like you’ve never seen her before, because her “Future Man” role sounds very intense

Eliza Coupe is, perhaps, best known for her role as Jane in beloved comedy Happy Endings. But soon, she’ll make a very different turn in Future Man, Hulu’s sci-fi comedy starring Josh Hutcherson as the title character. The show centers on a janitor who moonlights as a world-ranked gamer (Hutcherson), and is tasked with saving the world from extinction.

The news about that whole saving the world thing comes to him via a couple of mysterious visitors, one of which being Coupe’s character.

"A futuristic soldier, a character in the Cybergeddon video game, Tiger is a sexy, tough and extremely intense," according to Hulu's character bio. "She and her cohort, Wolf, recruit Josh to travel back in time to save the world from the hellish landscape she left behind."

“This mission means everything to her, and she’s prone to flying off the handle, every time Josh proves himself to be inept,” Hulu continued. “She has the difficult task of controlling an idiot (Josh) and a maniac (Wolf) while keeping everyone focused on the mission. On top of all this, she’s hiding a secret that could unravel everything.”

And from what Coupe told us at PaleyFest’s Fall TV Preview event, Tiger is that intense — maybe more.

“She’s an angry, dirtier Sarah Connor,” Coupe said, referring to the famed Terminator heroine. “Tiger doesn’t understand why it’s wrong to kill a baby. There’s just an anger and a kind of disconnect from connection.” YIKES. Let’s hope she learns to get that anger under control.

But it’s that intensity, in part, that attracted Coupe to the role in the first place. The actress — also known for Quantico and Casual — was initially drawn to the action and the fierceness of her character, who “wasn’t just cracking jokes and being sitcom-y.” She was interested in “something that was meatier with higher stakes, but also that I get to literally kick people’s asses.”

As for what we can expect from Tiger down the line, “Tiger’s arc, like every character, you don’t see it coming,” Coupe explained. “You don’t see the transformation because most shows, the reason why we tune into them is because all their defects are reset at the end of every episode so that we can watch them again and we want to see them continue to do the same things and mess up.”

Expect something different from Future Man: “These characters, it’s like a movie where we actually have an evolution and the arc is actually pretty profound. And then it makes the second season — hopefully we get that — even meatier.”

Future Man premieres on Hulu on November 14th.

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