Elijah Wood talks about fighting Daniel Radcliffe to the death, but actually LOL forever

Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe are Hollywood’s most magical doppelgangers (Harry, hobits, wizards…it makes sense). And while it’s always fun for us to hear about all the times they get mistaken for one another, it’s decidedly less fun for them. In fact, Wood is officially willing to fight Radcliffe about it.

Well, kinda. 

During a recent appearance on Conan, the talk show host reminded Wood that the gif of the guys’ faces morphing together has been viewed a whopping 15 million times. And even though science says everyone has a doppelgänger, these particular results are still impressive (and bizarre, and confusing) AF. Like, seriously we’re not sure where one pale, blue-eyed darling begins and the other ends.

Take a look:


Okay, we’ve got to agree with Conan…the transformation is super “eerie.”

"After it’s hit the internet and become a thing and people talk about it for a while, you’d think ‘okay, we get it, the joke is over and it will die’, but it just…has long legs," Wood admitted.

Oh, dear sweet Elijah…there are some things that are just…things. You’ve got a doppelgänger, it’s okay! SCIENCE SAYS SO.


And that boxing debate at Fantastic Fest (if you didn’t watch the video, DO IT NOW)? That should definitely happen! Harry Potter against Frodo? So much YES.

It’s clear that Wood feels a little hesitant about it, but remember, it’s all in the name of good fun!


And if they’re not willing to fight, then will they at least consider starring in something together?! THE WORLD IS WAITING GUYS!

H/T Vulture