Here’s an awesome Elf fan theory, just in time for the holidays

We’re currently on Day 2 of ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, and the network has yet to air Elf. I know, THIS IS CRAZY, 48 hours completely Elf-free? Don’t worry, it’ll play 12 times before Christmas Day, with the first showing on the 4th at 9:30pm (not that I’ve already penciled it into my calendar or anything…). So when you gather the family ’round with all the sugar you can find, think about this Elf fan theory that is going to rock the North Pole to the core.

The Elf we know and love is about Buddy the Elf on a quest to find his real family. According to one Reddit user, Tibbsy, the movie is actually about mutant-elf Buddy on a quest to save Christmas, and we have been sitting on a throne of lies denying it the entire time.

Here’s their theory: there’s no way Buddy is an elf, but there’s also no way Buddy is a human because he’s got amazing agility, super strength, turned all of Macy’s into a Winter Wonderland over night, and “he somehow manages to walk from the North Pole to NYC with nothing but the clothes on his back, with no food, no compass, no map, no weapons/tools for survival, and no water… Humans would die in those conditions.” There’s also no way that Buddy could have survived as a human in the North Pole, because his sugar diet would have rotted his teeth, and “we know from the case of Rudolph the Reindeer v. Claus that there are no dentists in the North Pole, except one untrained elf.” This means that Buddy has to be some sort of super-human, or the more likely mutant-elf.

This brings us to the events of Elf, where Buddy has been sent on a mutant-elf quest to “to force Christmas cheer and belief in Santa to the world in order to save Santa.” Why? Because there are South Pole elves in the world, and they’re evil, and they’re trying to take over the world and get rid of Christmas forever. Miles Finch (played by Peter Dinklage) is one of these South Pole elves, and Buddy has to stop him and his evil plan by spreading Christmas cheer.

Agree? Disagree? What would Mr. Narwhal have to say about this? Check out the full theory here, because as you know, the best way to spread Elf fan theories is posting them on Reddit for all to hear read.

(Image via New Line Cinema.)