There’s something mysterious about Eleven’s hair in the “Stranger Things” Season 2 trailer

Ever since Netflix announced runaway hit Stranger Things would return for Season 2 on October 27th, fans have been eagerly awaiting details on what the new season has in store. And eagle-eyed fans noticed something very different about Eleven’s hair in the new trailer, which was released during this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con.

In the new trailer, Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) can be spotted rocking her signature buzz cut, proving that not only is Eleven making her return in Season 2, but the buzz cut is back, too.

But wait, we’re slightly confused…the 13-year-old actress has been spotted in recent months growing out her hair, so how does she have a buzz cut in the trailer?

The new trailer seemingly confirms that Eleven’s story isn’t over (whew!), but did Millie shave her head again to film the new season?

Turns out, there’s a pretty easy (yet cool!) explanation. Stranger Things executive producer and director Shawn Levy gave the lowdown on Eleven’s locks, revealing:

"We couldn't be so heartless as to make her shave her head all over again. So because Millie's hair was longer, and some of Season 2 needed that same buzz cut, we put all of her hair under a wig and then used visual effects to help make it look like a perfect match to the end of Season 1. So a combination of wig and VFX."

Note that while “some” of Season 2 required a buzz cut, it seems Eleven will also be growing her hair out throughout the season.

Is it October yet?!