Eleven has CURLY HAIR for “Stranger Things” Season 2, and the internet cannot deal with it

Before you know it, in 265short days, Stranger Things will be back in our lives. The sleeper-hit Netflix original is set to premiere this year on Halloween (totally fitting), and this past weekend, we saw the first image for the upcoming season, along with a quick teaser.

We’ve got literally thousands of questions about what’s in store for Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will (and Jonathan, Nancy, and Steve…and Joyce and Hopper), but more importantly, Eleven. What is our favorite fierce, kickass, powerful, dont-mess-with-me lady up to now? Her ending was left very ambiguous at the end of Season 1, and seeing how she is BY FAR the standout character of the series, she’s got to come back…right?

Entertainment Weekly has a big Stranger Things story in this week’s issue, and just released the cover photo. It shows us the Stranger Things kids, with Eleven front and center. Dustin better watch his back, because there’s someone inching in on his curly-hair territory:

Your eyes to not deceive you; Eleven really has curly hair. This has to mean that Millie Bobby Brown is sporting these curly locks for Season 2, and the internet wasted no time in absolutely freaking TF out (and also making jokes): false



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We’re excited to see jus HOW this curly hair factors into Stranger Things Season 2 — and if Dustin has anything to say about it.