This elephant used a fart to get revenge because animals are just so savage

Either you’ll find this unbelievably funny or really gross, but it’s about animals, so bear with us. So, once upon a time, there was an elephant that used a fart to get revenge on another elephant that pushed it off a hill. We know this sounds like a ridiculous made-up story, but believe it or not, there’s scientific evidence that suggests animals have a sense of humor (mammals in particular), plus there’s footage of the fart attack in question.

In the elephantnews clip, an elephant named Faa Mai (meaning “a new day”) can be seen standing on top of a hill, having way too much fun with her trunk and basically being too cute for words.

But then another elephant named Kabu (aka the hater of the herd) shoves her off the hill:

At that point, Faa Mai backs that thang up and literally blows off some steam:

Sheesh, y’all. We’re just thankful that smell-o-vision doesn’t exist yet. But there is audio of Faa Mai’s fart because you know you wanna hear it.

Funniest. Fart. EVER.

But disarming her foes with gas isn’t Faa Mai’s only talent. She’s the same elephant that showed off her gymnastics skills and she’s also a pro at getting us to coo uncontrollably, as proven by this video of her falling asleep as her friend sings a lullaby.

Sighs. This has to be the sweetest elephant we’ve ever seen, but we ever meet her in person we’ll be sure to greet her with a gentle rub. We wouldn’t want our affection to be mistaken for a shove.