We’re happy-crying over this mama elephant and her baby reuniting

A baby elephant and her mama have been reunited in Thailand after four years of separation — and the video that captured the reunion is too sweet for words — but we’re going to use words anyway. Over three years ago, Baby Me-Bai was taken away from her mom and her home and was sold into tourist slavery. She was forced to give rides to tourists even though she was only a baby. She lived at the tourist camp until she physically couldn’t give any more rides — eventually becoming too weak from the stress and trauma of carrying people around every day. So she was sent to Elephant Nature Park, an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center in Northern Thailand.

At the nature park, caretakers made sure Me-Bai made a smooth transition back into life as a non-working elephant before they worked on finding her mom. “When she first arrived, she was quite nervous and we took care to feed her well until she was healthy again,” the park wrote in their blog. “She quickly learned that her new caretakers had no intention of abusing her in any way.”

They soon discovered that Me-Bai’s mom was also working at a camp, so they invited the owner of the mother to visit the nature park to witness first-hand their “Pamper a Pachyderm” program, where they take elephants out of work camps and bring them home to be with their families. Thankfully the owner agreed to take Me-Bai’s mom out of the grueling work of giving rides and doing shows.

The team set out on a journey with Me-Bai, where they walked for three-days to reach the village where her mom is living. Here’s Me-Bai and a group of volunteers on their trek:

Once they arrived, mother and baby were reunited and, based on the amount of ear flapping, they were SO excited and happy to see each other. Are you ready to see their reunion? It takes our breath away.

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