The creator of Elektra is NOT feeling the Netflix version of the character

Some fans are excited that Elektra is coming to season two of Daredevil on Netflix, but creator Frank Miller is already not into it.

While answering fan questions at Brazil’s CCXP comic convention, he admitted that he has not watched Netflix’s Daredevil adaptation. With regard to the series incorporating Elektra, a character he created, he said, “they can call it whatever you want, but it will not be the real Elektra.”

Ouch. Why the harsh words? Because before Miller killed Elektra off in the comic books, he wanted assurances that she would not be revived. Not in comics, not for other mediums, not at all. Marvel execs reneged on the agreement and Miller, a notoriously divisive figure, is clearly still displeased.

Miller created Elektra for his first ever edition of Daredevil. She was supposed to be a one and done character, but became a long-standing enemy and love interest for Daredevil. She was brought back by Marvel in the ’90s for a new comic book, as well as in the ’00s for the movie franchise where she was played by Jennifer Garner.

Miller’s bitterness about the latest iteration of Elektra shined through when he told the audience that he is her “father.”

If you haven’t already read the comics, don’t worry. You can check out Elektra when season two of Daredevil hits Netflix, which is expected to come around April 2016. Or get a primer on Elektra now, in the video below.

(Image via Netflix)

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