If you need constant Election Day updates, Amazon Echo says just ask Alexa

It’s Election Day, and no matter where you are, we’re betting you’ve got one eye on the results of the presidential election at all times. Now, if you need a more technologically advanced way to check in, Amazon Echo owners can ask Alexa for election updates.

We’ve been doing a lot to try and get through this stressful Election Day before we get the results tonight, and we can use all the help we can get. People have been meditating at polling places to reduce stress. We’ve even been watching SNL election specials to distract ourselves with laughter. So it’d be nice, while we’re trying not to think about it, to be able to just ask Alexa for a quick update when we can’t wait any longer.

We’re in luck, because we can ask Alexa all of our burning election questions.


Here are some of the questions that Alexa can answer:

Alexa, what's the latest with Donald Trump? Alexa, what's the latest with Hillary Clinton? Alexa, who are you voting for? Alexa, who should I vote for? Alexa, what's the latest with the election? Alexa, who is winning in Florida?

We of course had to know what Alexa would say when asked who to vote for. Luckily, the tech people at Geek Wire asked her just that. Alexa responded:

"You should vote for the candidate who best reflects your views and has the best policies."

So Alexa’s not equipped to make our very personal decision of who to vote for, but Alexa can give us the data that we need.

Amazon uses FactCheck.org, Real Clear Politics, and Politifact to fact check politicians’ claims and give specific data about the election.


That feature will be very useful tonight, especially when we get stressed and turn off the news, but still can’t stay away from our updates.

We are SO impressed that technology can now verbally answer our burning election questions.

But before you sit around playing with Alexa, make sure to VOTE!

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