The election is having a big impact on baby names

It’s nearly impossible to go about your normal day without hearing or seeing something about the presidential election. News coverage is everywhere. If you manage to successfully avoid the internet, TV and print publications, chances are you’ll over hear someone talking politics. So that’s why it’s no surprise that baby names are being affected by current U.S. politics.

Pregnancy and parenting site BabyCenter analyzed 115,000 names registered on its site to determine if the election has had an impact on the names parents are choosing for their babies. And the answer is definitely.

Since the beginning of 2016, the name Hillary (spelled all different ways) rose 142% since last year, Bill is up 113% and Chelsea is up 18% — making the former first family (and possible future first family) the favorite name inspirations when it comes to the election.


Over on the right, Trump family names are also on the rise. The name Donald jumped 8%, Melania rose 36%, and Ivanka gained popularity by 4%.


But the names won’t be popular for long — according to BabyCenter, previous data shows that election-year name gain is followed the year after by a drop.

The election is clearly having an impact on what new parents are thinking about and how they view candidates. It won’t be surprising if in a couple years there are a bunch of toddlers running around named after the Clintons and Trumps — but we’re guessing they won’t be siblings.