Eleanor stands up for herself on “The Good Place” and it’s empowering AF

Eleanor has officially unforked herself. This week’s episode of The Good Place is all about Eleanor figuring out where she belongs in the afterlife. Trevor (played by Adam Scott) is still kicking around because he and Michael have yet to settle issue with the two Eleanors. The good one obviously has her spot in the Good Place, but what about our lovable sinner?

Michael wants to keep here there, too – at least to give her a chance to prove herself – so he tries to negotiate with Trevor by offering a trade. When he offers to give him unicorn, Trevor mumbles about how fun it would be to skin a unicorn alive, cut off its horn, grind it up, and snort it. Oof. Michael puts a pause on negotiations while Chidi and the good Eleanor double date with the “bad” Eleanor and Trevor.

Literal date from Hell


Poor bad Eleanor. Trevor is a douche-monster. He swears to “Bieber,” he KEEPS telling Eleanor to smile, and when he tells the group that they hooked up after a night of drinking and Eleanor denies it, he says that nobody will take her word over his because she’s “a woman.” Ugh. After listening to his ongoing word vomit, it’s no surprise that the food in the Bad Place turns into spiders in your mouth, if this is the guy in charge of the neighborhood.

And for a brief moment (mainly during dinner when Chidi and good Eleanor are flirting like crazy), Eleanor leans in to the idea that she doesn’t belong in the Good Place, and should just go with Trevor to the Bad Place. But when Chidi reminds her that he still wants her there and they’re still a team, she remembers that she deserves more than an afterlife filled with misery.

Final negotiations


At the final meeting between Trevor and Michael to discuss bad Eleanor’s fate, Trevor tries to say that Eleanor knows she belongs in the Bad Place. That’s when Eleanor shuts him down. She acknowledges her previous awfulness, but with Chidi’s help, she’s gotten better, and she deserves a chance to stay and grow into a good person. Then Michael stops letting Trevor bully him and HE stands up for Eleanor too. Seeing both of them stop giving a f*** and demand respect is a thing of beauty.

God’s name is Sean?


Trevor vows that this is far from over, and threatens to get “Sean” involved. Sean is apparently the higher power who settles disputes between the Good Place and the Bad Place. So…. God? Please please tell me Nick Offerman gets that role.

Oh btw, The Good Place is officially on winter break and won’t return with new episodes until January. Boooooo. Thank goodness for Hulu, am I right?

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