5 very important lessons I learned from Elder Scrolls Online

I’d call myself a relatively productive person. But on June 9th, 2015, productivity stopped dead in its tracks. Why? Because Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited was released. I had avoided buying the subscription version under the excuse that it was too much money (but really, I knew that if I bought it, I’d be doing practically nothing else with my time). But then, the unlimited version of TES Online was released, meaning a one-time fee, and yeah, I bought it pretty much immediately and played for days straight. Sorry not sorry, productivity.

Anyway, a week or so prior, I had written up the life lessons I learned from Skyrim. So, ladies and gentlemen, here are the super-duper ultra important lessons I have learned from TES Online.

Sometimes, you won’t get what you expect. . . but that can be a blessing.

OK, I’m one of those super annoying people all the gamers hate who honestly expected TES Online to be a lot like Skyrim. To my (then) disappointment, it’s pretty much nothing like Skyrim. However, I ended up having a blast playing it anyway.

Setting up expectations for how things will go in life is only human, but often, those expectations don’t live up to reality. However, nine times out of ten, there’s a reason for it. I thought I needed a Skyrim 2, but no, I needed TES Online. Oh baby, oh baby.

Teamwork is so, SO important.

Sure, it’s fun to go solo. But it can be really, really hard. Like when you somehow attract a big mob of harpies when you’re at a low level, and they kill you almost instantly. Yes, this may or may not have happened to me. However, on other occasions, random fellow players swoop in to my rescue and help me kill the enemy, and it’s just the best feeling.

In any area of life, you can’t always do it all on your own. Accept assistance, and be ready to give assistance to others when it looks like they’re struggling. We’re all in this together.

Don’t be a hoarder.

OK, one thing that took me a *while* to get used to was that in Skyrim, you could hold hundreds of items, no prob. But in TES Online, your inventory is pretty darn small. I can’t hoard all those random items (that I’ll probably never use but hey, maybe, just in case!). Sad face.

Don’t hoard stuff, guys. (Unless you’re hoarding books, because then it’s not hoarding, it’s creating a personal library. I know this from personal experience.)

There are no *true* shortcuts in life.

TES Online has a huge map. Like, really really big. And sometimes, you need to get to other places on the map that would take you a really long time to get to by foot. That’s why wayshrines exist, which are essentially portals that can take you to different sections of the map very quickly. Though this is kind of a shortcut, it’s not really, because you can only quick-travel to and from wayshrines that have been discovered first. Plus, you have to travel on foot to the nearest wayshrine if you want to do it (unless you pay money, which just makes this lesson hit home a little harder).

You may be granted opportunities to excel a little faster in life, but you still gotta work towards ’em first!

You might have to deal with a whole bunch of small, annoying tasks to get to your main objective.

There’s a main quest line in Tamriel that varies depending on which faction you choose, but a lot of times, in order to stick to the story line, you have to complete some tiny, minute tasks that seem. . . well, stupid. Go over there and talk to that character for a sec. OK, now collect these three items. Kill a couple of those creatures real quick. (You get the gist.) But eventually, they lead you to the grand quest that you’ve been waiting for.

Some things in life may seem like total trivialities, whether it’s being the intern who takes everyone’s coffee order or taking that one elective in school that you did NOT see the point of. But these things can give you more opportunities than you know. Everything happens for a reason.

Happy adventuring, friends.

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Very important lessons from Skyrim