Elaine and Jerry are back together in a totally hilarious ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

Stop everything because there’s a mini Seinfeld reunion in our midst. On a (road) trip down memory lane, Julia Louis-Dreyfus joined Jerry Seinfeld in the premiere episode of the new season of his series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

Sure, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander have both already had coffee in a cool car on earlier episodes, but this is Jerry and Elaine, err, Julia we’re talkin’ about!

True to format, the two former co-stars and current/forever pals got in a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 (I definitely had to look this up. It’s the James Bond car, for those of us who don’t know much about cars) and continued on their mission for coffee and conversation.

From the start—the moment when he goes to her door to pick her up—they can’t stop giggling. It will make your heart grow at least three sizes, so consider yourselves warned.

The whole interview is a must watch so I won’t spoil it, but here are a few stray observations from the episode that I just loved:

  • Julia calls Jerry, “Jer.”
  • Jerry to Julia: “You are the James Bond of comedy. Whatever the mission, you come in and kill it.”
  • A run in with another A-lister (you’ll have to see for yourself!)
  • Julia to Jerry: “You’re nicer than Hitler.”
  • They decide to rename The Real Housewives franchise “Those Horrible Housewives”
  • When they are walking to get coffee and reminiscing about the past, Jerry keeps having to stop because he’s laughing so hard.
  • Jerry has been married for 15 years and Julia has been married for 28!

I’ll close this gush-fest out with my favorite line that I think is almost as true for those of us watching as it was for Jerry when he said it to Julia: “It’s so fun to be reminded of how funny you are.”

Watch the whole thing here.

P.S. Stars on upcoming episodes include Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and Jim Carrey!