We either want to wear or eat these “pizza” shoes!

We’re lucky enough to live in a world where we can live honest and freely. So why not exercise your right to be your true self by being completely open about your absolute obsession for pizza? Because now you no longer have to wear the regular shoes that quietly hide it. Thanks to a wonderful Nike and Skate Metal collaboration, you can wear your love for pizza comfortably all day long.

The website HighSnobiety has the exclusive insider look on the toe-covering treats. And TBH, they look mouth-watering.


These deliciously stylish sneaks are coated in pictures of pepperoni goodness, have a red marinara lining, and actually look like the mozzarella cheese might melt off as you walk. No detail was overlooked in this food-shoe fusion. The inside lining of the sneaker is, of course, crushed red pepper flakes.


Sadly, they’ve yet to announce when these shoes will be available for everybody. But based on the popularity of their style predecessor, “Cold Pizza,” they’ll be in high demand. That popular style featured a tin foil-looking shoe with a warm pizza insole perfect for throwing on when you want something quick, easy, and delicious (I’m talking about both for your look and for breakfast…obviously).

There’s no doubt these shoes will be well worth the wait. Soon enough pizza lovers everywhere can finally use Nike’s famous tagline Just Do It for a different kind of motivation: Admitting to and proudly owning the fact that you love the ‘za.


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