Everything I need to know, I learned from Meryl Streep

Today is Meryl Streep’s birthday, and do I ever love a birthday. Oh, and Meryl Streep. If you don’t like Meryl Streep, you have either a) never seen any movie b) hate all movies or c) are trying to be difficult. Streep is the queen, the literal closest thing to a queen that we have in our country. (Is that crazy? POSSIBLY.) With no further ado, let’s play ode to a woman who has given us so much entertainment and wisdom throughout her years.

EINTKILF Meryl Streep

1. Outside appearance is not the most important thing in life

The idea that their [women’s] beauty will give them meaning in the world is wrong.

I know, I know. Streep is an absolutely stunning movie star, so how can she sit up there and talk about not placing emphasis on beauty? But it’s clear that Streep’s heart is in representing characters that display complexity, intelligence, and strength, and not just a meticulously kept up outer shell. Beauty is a nice bonus, but it’s what inside that counts. Believe it.

2. What’s different about you is what makes you special, not strange

During her address to Indiana University, Streep dropped some serious body image wisdom:

*Drops mic*

3. Confidence is everything
No, Streep is not her character in Devil Wears Prada, but YES, I do believe their confidence is the same.

4. Keep your besties close
treep has a lot of very famous friends. Of course she does, but with her, it always seems like true, genuine, wonderful friendships. One of my favorite duos was Streep and the irreplaceable Nora Ephron. Those kinds of friendships affect everyone. I would be nowhere without their work as a duo.

5. Be able to laugh at yourself
Streep can dish a joke, for sure, but she can also laugh at herself. (Remember that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Golden Globes joke? “Meryl Streep is not here tonight. She has the flu — and I hear she’s amazing in it.” Streep laughed right along to that one, as with every other joke at her expense.) There are plenty of times when Streep has been in the comedy spotlight—namely when she is nominated for yet another award, but she always handles it with complete class and a side of laughter. Make fun of yourself, laugh out loud, and make the world go ’round.

7. Support women.
Streep is a woman’s woman, and we have known that for years. We knew that because of the friendships she keeps, the roles she chooses, the bold words, she speaks, and the GIF-worthy moments she has given us in recent years. Women who support other women, who champion for one another, who are kind and genuine and solid toward one another are the best kind of women.

8. Keep your mind open to new things
Speaking of roles she has chosen, no one can claim that Streep is always the same. She’s always, always trying out new roles, From Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, to pill poppin’ Southern mother to Julia Child, to terrifying businesswoman to singing witch to…

I could go on for hours.

9. Accept your greatness.
And when you begin to win awards for all of your wonder, receive those accolades with your head held high. Streep is so wonderful at awards shows because if she doesn’t win, she is so excited for whoever has and if she does win, she’s the epitome of being graceful, humble, and chill.  It’s okay to say “whatever” to the people who might be sick of you. (None of us are though.)

Happy birthday to the world’s greatest.

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