Everything I need to know, I learned from ‘The Holiday’

How have I never written this? Today is December 1st and I have watched The Holiday three times this Christmas season already. So, let’s do it.


EINTKILF The Holiday

1. Unrequited love is the worst.

Ladies. I was an Iris forever. Unrequited love was my ish. I was an absolute pro at falling madly in love with men that had no time for me. It was all a very pathetic time in my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am now not an Iris, but an Amanda. I would like to be neither; but if I could choose, I’d pick Iris again. (And not just for the British accent.)

2. Don’t love a Jasper Bloom.

I’ve loved at least one—but probably more like three—Jasper Blooms in my life. Jasper is a perfect example of the kind of man you should never associate with, let alone love. And while I understand it is impossible to help who you fall in love with, I can also sit here and advise you not to love men like Jasper because they are smarmy, and wormy, and mean. I know the accent is hard to resist. But I’ve dated a British man, and he was not a Jasper. At the very least, don’t date an American Jasper, because literally what’s the point?

3. Don’t stay “friends” with your exes. 

. . . if they are Jasper Bloom. I hesitate to advise you to never be friends with an ex because I know there are exceptions and blah blah blah, but I don’t really believe in it. If you have successfully befriended an ex, that’s great. Tell me about it so I can believe in humanity; but I have never done it, ever. AND JASPER DOESN’T DESERVE FRIENDS.

4. Take a vacation.

If you are having chest pains to the point of having a hard time breathing, definitely meet someone in a chatroom online and go live in their cute English cottage for a week or two. OR FOREVER. Treat yo self, you know?

5. Personality should trump all.

Miles is basically “The Dream,” and I can fully admit that guys like Miles usually annoy the life out of me, and I can also fully admit that I know that guys like Miles are better than guys that. . . aren’t like Miles. (I am v. deep.) The point is, judge humans on their personalities, not their looks. DUH. This is Life 101.

6. When opportunity comes knocking, take it.

I don’t just mean Jude Law literally knocking at your door (though I’d encourage that decision), I mean all of the opportunities. Go to England. Take risks in love. Stand up for yourself. Make new friends. Respect your elders. Push yourself to do better. Let Jude Law love you. Fin.

7. Corny is wonderful. 

There are zero things wrong with corny. “Corny” things that I love: red wine and a good book, snuggling with a puppy, a hug from my mother, holding hands in a movie theater, trips to the grocery store instead of a fancy date, good morning/good night text messages, and watching The Holiday on repeat. All of those things are life.

8. It’s okay to let people into your life. 

Amanda and Graham are pretty much the best couple ever and only because they are definitely not a traditional couple. I like Amanda’s coldness (hi, me) and Graham’s sensitivity, and I like that they both open up to each other and it’s OK. Graham lets Amanda meet his PERFECT CHILDREN and Amanda lets Graham love her. Both are important things, IMO.

9. Men can cry, too.

I’m super down with male criers, for the record.

10. Be the leading lady in your own life.

The most important lesson in all of my life, to be honest. I am the leading lady in my own life, and you should be, too. And men, you should be the leading man in your own life. And humans, you should be the leading humans in your life. AND EVERYONE SHOULD ALWAYS LISTEN TO ARTHUR.

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