Everything I need to know, I learned from Ron Weasley

Last year I was re-reading the Harry Potter series over the course of the summer, so I unofficially dedicated EINTKILF’s month of July to the boy wizard and his friends (and enemies). This year, I am thinking about re-reading the series again (so sue me). July is the best month for wizardry. This is the real life month that JK Rowling was born, and it is the month that Harry and Neville were born, so it all makes sense. ”

I have written about 2/3 of the trio and left out poor little Won-Won, so this is long overdue. Here are all the marvelous, magical things that I know thanks to Mr. Weasley.

EINTKILF Ron Weasley

Always defend your friends 
Ron is an alright wizard. He’s no Hermione, or even any of his brothers. That paired with the fact that his best friend is The Chosen One leaves Ron feeling pretty cast aside most of the time. Regardless of almost never being in the spotlight, Ron always stays super true to himself and the people he loves. Infamously, Ron ends up throwing up slugs (still one of the grossest parts of any book) because he defends Hermione to stupid Draco Malfoy when we all learn what a “mudblood” is for the first time. That’s right, little 12-year-old Ron already defending his gal. His loyalty is admirable, and it’s one of his best qualities.

It’s OK to have feelings

Ron is the most transparent of the trio, and that is saying something because Hermione and Harry are not necessarily super private with their feelings. Ron, though? He wears all of his emotions on his face. Jealous at the Yule Ball? Why try to hide it from the actual date you brought to the dance! Embarrassed about a howler from your mother? Don’t pretend to be cool about it! Mad at your best friend for any number of things? Bah, just let him know. Part of this really is Ron Weasley the fictional character, but part of this is actor Rupert Grint’s fantastic facial expressions. Grint really drove home the character of ol’ Roonil Wazlib. But being honest about your feelings? Not such a bad quality.

Never trust a rat

Speaking of hella loyal (have I mentioned that Ron is super loyal?) Ron goes to bat for his ratty ol’ pet about a million times before he discovers that Scabbers has actually been a tiny, backstabbing man this entire time. Ron is devastated when he finds out he has backed a traitor this whole time, but before we all knew who Scabbers really was—it was kind of nice to see someone be so loyal to their pet, no matter how ugly the thing is.

He know that you should stick up for the ones you love

Okay, okay, so Ron is a teenage boy and doesn’t necessarily praise Hermione like he should throughout the entire series. BUT, he doesn’t ever stray from his feelings for her. Even when he is all sidetracked by Lavender Brown, it is not genuine. He doesn’t not care for Hermione, he is acting out in a very typical form of self-preservation because Hermione is interested in Viktor Krum. I don’t know many boys my own age that don’t act that way, and Ron was only 14 at the time. Ron has always been Hermione’s biggest fan, well before they finally make it official. He worships her, and I love that.

The right words can really open doors 

I am particularly thinking about how Ron gets back into Hermione’s good graces with all of that “I heard your voice and it guided me back to you” stuff, but Ron actually charms his way out of everything. Remember when he stole that flying car? Ron is a charming guy. He had enough practice getting Mrs. Weasley un-angry that he could handle any Hogwarts professor or girlfriend that may come his way.

Try new things, even if you’re not sure you’ll be good at them

Ron is in everyone’s shadows quite a bit, which is why when he decides to try out for the Quidditch team, it is huge. For him and for the team. His brothers were beaters and his best friend was the seeker—his baby sister is good at Quidditch. Ron is terrified, and picked on, and insecure about his Quidditch skills, but what does he do? Sulks a bit, tries out for the team, and makes it. That’s right, kids. Weasley is our King.

Family is the most important

Ron is a Weasley, and being a Weasley comes with great responsibility. I thought I had it bad as the middle child. How do you think Ron felt? He has five older brothers, two of whom are very well-known, charming, hilarious twins. And he has Ginny, who garners attention everywhere she goes. Ron’s parents are known for being not-so-well-off and since their family is so big, they certainly cannot afford fancy clothes or new schoolbooks or brooms. Does any of this bother Ron? Sure, a little bit, but he never lets it show. His family is the most important thing in the world to Ron, so much so that he incorporates his two best friends right into his home. Where does everyone meet up every summer? The Burrow is so much better than a fancy mansion home with a couple of people living in it. The Weasley are a big ol’ mess of a family, and we all know Ron wouldn’t have it any other way.

Have courage

He is a Gryffindor, after all. Though Ron has an overwhelming fear of spiders, he walked right into the Forbidden Forest to help his friends. (Well, let’s be real, he walked into that forest a lot.) Ron faces his fears to help his friends all of the time. Ron leaves school and his family to accompany Harry on a completely aimless search for something no one quite understands. Ron fought a troll in the dungeon to help a girl he thought was annoying! Ron’s bravery knows no bounds. You go.

Being a great friend is one of the best powers in the world

Ron is not the greatest wizard, but he is undoubtedly the greatest friend. What I really love about Ron is that he is absolutely imperfect. He has his issues with Harry throughout the book series, and why shouldn’t he? They become friends when they are 11-years-old and Ron (well, none of them) has no idea what he is signing up for when he and Harry first meet. Of course he has sidekick issues when, say, Harry gets a lot of attention for his name popping out of the Goblet of Fire. Of course he questions Harry’s feelings toward Hermione—who wouldn’t?! Of course there are days he wishes to lay low and have a quiet evening without everything being about Harry’s traumatic and dramatic life. But what does Ron do? He stays by Harry’s side, even when he leaves him during the camping excursions. He left, but he was always going to come back. He fights alongside Harry, he defends Harry, and eventually ends up Harry’s brother-in-law. Ron, no matter what they say, is a fantastic friend.


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