Everything I need to know, I learned from Harry Potter

Guess what today is? It’s the 13th anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone MOVIE, and WHOA doesn’t that make you feel old?! Well, it makes me feel old, but everything makes me feel old. I have written about lots of HP characters and things over EINTKILF’s lifetime, but never have I written about Harry himself. What better time to learn some lessons from Harry, Just Harry.

You’re a wizard, Harry!

EINTKILF Harry Potter

1. Don’t be afraid to die. 

Harry Potter is obviously doomed from the minute he was born, yet he always manages to handle it like a trooper. Sure, he gets hella angsty in like year 5 of school, but who wouldn’t? We were all angsty at 15 and none of us had half the reason that Harry did. Regardless, as any normal person who has read / seen Harry Potter, we know that Harry eventually bravely walks right into death. And conquers it again.

2. Make your own family.

Harry is basically adopted by the Weasleys, which is awesome since he didn’t grow up with siblings or parents or an aunt that acted like they were related and / or that he was a human lifeform at all. Besides even the lovely gingers though, Harry does a great job of creating a family network. Sirius was his godfather of course, but even beyond that, he creates a really strong relationship with him in a really short period of time. And then there’s Lupin, and Dumbledore, and even Dobby. Harry rules at family matters.

3. Girls make cool friends.

…I just have to include it because I am a big advocate of the Harry and Hermione friendship thing, regardless of anything JK Rowling has to say years after the books were published. Harry and Hermione’s friendship is adorable, and she super helps him out with Cho and Ginny AND, like, saving the wizarding world.

4. Your instincts are not ALWAYS correct.

Though in Harry’s defense, they usually are. He was right about who to be friends with when he first got to Hogwarts, he was right about not trusting basically anyone ever, and he was right about Malfoy being “up to something” in Half Blood Prince. THOUGH — and who could blame him? — Harry was not right about Snape. Sure, Snape was a big old jerk and that will always be true, but Harry wasn’t right about not trusting Snape. Snape was the OG.

5. It’s okay to let your friends help you. 

Hermione and Ron’s eternal struggle was trying to help Harry out. I mean, with everything. Harry literally never accepted help except for pretty much the first run-in with Voldy before he knew the rest of his life would be like that. He kind of eventually lets them help him, but he is still a stubborn idiot most of the time.

…reminds me of someone I know. Must be a Leo thing.

6. A little mischief never hurt nobody.  That isn’t even at all true, but it seems important to mention that the Marauder’s Map saved Harry, et al quite a few times. It was a very resourceful tool, even when he was just lonely, looking for Horcruxes, and missing Ginny. Bending the rules is usually alright. Sometimes straight up breaking them in half is okay too.

7. Treat everyone as equals.  As aforementioned, Harry treats Dobby like not only a friend, but as family. He is so good to that little house elf and even if it’s because Dobby saved his life like three times, most people didn’t treat house elves so well. Harry was different, and Dobby loved him, and I LOVE DOBBY AND I AM NEVER GOING TO GET OVER IT.

8. Leaders should lead. 

Though I am pretty sure I would feel similarly, Harry really doesn’t want to start up Dumbledore’s Army when Hermione first suggests it. Though he gives in and creates a group that rules, his apprehension at first almost ruins something that saved a lot of lives. Sure, it also hurt a lot of people, but meh. Harry is a natural leader, and not just because of his “one who lived” reputation. It’s mostly that AND his inability to not speak his mind, and his natural talent, and his bad temper. (Again, must be a Leo thing.)

9. #believeinyourself

Harry is a pretty self-confident person, especially considering he lost a lot of time in his young life not knowing he was a wizard. By the middle of his first year, he’s mouthing off to teachers and escaping into the woods to look for stuff. I’m not mad at him. Harry just always knew his abilities, even in his big moments of self doubt. (Like when he thinks he probs should have been a Slytherin.)

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