Everything I need to know, I learned from “Fuller House”

Hey guys. Hello from the other side of watching all of Fuller House in the same night.

I am obsessed with Full House. I always have been. I cried uncontrollably when the show was cancelled and I didn’t know how I was going to recover. I made it 21 years without the show and I thought I was doing fine, but as soon as Fuller House was announced, I was ecstatic. Yeah, Full House is corny and ridiculous, but it was also my childhood. Yeah, Fuller House is corny and ridiculous, but they actually made it really relevant and exciting and familiar and, honestly? Pretty hilarious! Though I am still waiting for Netflix to put Full House on, I am so stoked to have these 13 episodes of Fuller House.

EINTKILF Fuller House

Nostalgia is a powerful force

Okay, I don’t know about you guys, but the first episode of Fuller House was enough for me to call it. Like, I thoroughly enjoyed every single episode of the show, but if they were like, “SURPRISE IT IS ONLY ONE EPISODE,” the first one would have been enough for me. Full House was my favorite show growing up and it broke my heart when the show ended. The fact that the cast (99% of them) and the show writers and everything are as into the nostalgia as I am makes it so much better for me. The first episode was NOSTALGIA PACKED and just certainly proved that everything lasts forever, just as Uncle Jesse sings.

Family runs deep

Speaking of “forever,” the relationship between Jesse and Steph and Steph and Jackson; Danny and DJ and DJ and Max; Kimmy and Ramona and Michelle and Tommy is incredible. What I have loved about Fuller House so much is that there are parallels between old characters and new characters and new-old characters, which honestly? Is such a part of life! I see myself in my mother so much, but I also see myself in my brother, and I bet if I ever have children, I’ll see myself in them. The thing that Full House, and now Fuller House, has always done well is represent families. Nothing has changed.

Moms lie


Jackson and Max, DJ’s kids, are really adorable for a thousand reasons, but mostly because they basically embody Stephanie and DJ, or Jesse and Danny. Besides all of the wonderful comparisons we can make between former/current characters, one of the best lines was when Jackson straight-faced told Max, “Moms lie.”

Because moms do lie, even if your mom is DJ Tanner, Perfection Mom.

Middle children rule

Okay, so this is basically a Stephanie Tanner appreciation lesson. Obviously I’m a middle child (obviously because of this lesson) but I really appreciate the middle child for being flexible, strong, hilarious, and talented. Steph (and also Jodie Sweetin in general) really steps up in Fuller House. Though she’s the cool sister (obviously), she steps up as an aunt and as a sister and as a really cool human. She pushes her sister to have a good time, she pushes her nephews to see things in a different way, and she stays true to herself. Middle children are the best.

You can have fun without electronics

When Stephanie and Kimmy coax DJ into a “girls night out,” Joey Gladstone shows up to babysit all of the kids. Though they poke fun at Joey checking his cell phone, ultimately Joeys’ goal is to teach the new kids that they don’t need devices to have a good time. As Ramona, Max, and and Jackson play with “family friendly violence,” as Joey explains it, we are reminded that not everyone needs a cell phone, iPad, or computer to have a good time. And don’t we all need that reminder?

Inside jokes are the best

There are a thousand inside jokes in Fuller House and I appreciated every single one of them. From John Stamos joking about the best actors being hired on General Hospital to Candace Cameron Bure’s Dancing With the Stars jokes, there are a thousand “inside jokes” on Fuller House. I was the obnoxious person in the room pointing out what every single joke meant, but honestly, between the old soap opera references and the shoutouts to previous Full House episodes, someone needed to do it! Though I appreciate Fuller House’s introduction into the real-2016-world, I also appreciated the throwbacks. Because I’m from the late 80s, so of course I do.

Your family is forever

We all know what it’s like to have a family, right? Right. So we all know that families stray at times, and even though it’s sad and hard and awkward to get past, we also know that time changes things.

Yes, this applies to my family, but it also applies to the Tanners and the fact that Michelle is not currently in Fuller House. I have no shade to throw at the Olsen twins–obviously, they are my life–but I would just like to point out that growing apart and not always being able to make family events is a super, real life thing.



And it’s okay to keep in touch over the phone.

True love is forever

I mean, come on.


There is just something about true love, right? Obviously, but there is really something about true true love. Before I was ever in love in my real life, I was in DJ and Steve love. DJ and Steve were real love to me before I understood the love of Jim and Pam or Ben and Leslie or Ross and Rachel. Steve showed up when DJ didn’t have a prom date and even though DJ tried to move on from him–with Viper and Nelson and whoever her late husband was–it always came back to Steve.

Call me crazy, but I’m a sucker for people who come back to each other.

Friends are family, too

Okay so obviously Kimmy is not a Tanner—she is very much a Gibbler—but she truly proves that friends can be family. There is always a thing about “you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family” and Kimmy embodies that so much. Beyond even that, Ramona and Jackson certainly embody the “friends as family” situation that has always lived strongly in the Full House world. Ramona and Jackson clearly have a strong rivalry but they both end up being there for one another kiiiiiinda like Kimmy and the Tanners, right? Right.

We all have a friend like that, or multiple friends like that. Of course we do.

Okay, well now that I’ve run through Fuller House once and Leo DiCaprio won an Oscar and I had literally the best weekend of my life, I am fully ready to start my new life over again. I have had a beautiful refresher on the things I love and I am stoked to say that I happily recommend Fuller House to people who are thirsty for nostalgia and/or people with kids and/or people who are just happy to watch stuff they have always loved. GET ON IT and thank you, Netflix!