Everything I need to know, I learned from Cece and Schmidt on “New Girl”

I love Valentine’s Day and no, it is not because I have some super cute long-term boyfriend who makes it special. I am usually single on Valentine’s Day but for me, it was never about romantic love. It was always about red and pink things, delicious cookies, and adorable pint-sized foldable cards. Valentine’s Day is great, and every February, I try to write about couples who have inspired me to…well…hope for some kind of Big Television Love. So, here we go.

EINTKILF Cece and Schmidt

Your partner should be all about you. 

This may seem obvious, but I mean Schmidt super loves Cece and he always has. I am not suggesting that you can only be with someone who is obsessed with you (let’s be real, that’s unhealthy), but you should definitely be with someone who thinks you are the most beautiful person in any room in any situation at anytime. Schmidt has always been vocal about how incredible he thinks Cece is, even during the times they are not together. Your partner should know that you are the best/most beautiful/smartest person in the world.


Everyone makes mistakes.

Sure, Cece and Schmidt had a shorter “will they/won’t they” than a lot of other TV couples, but they have certainly made a lot of mistakes in a short four seasons. Mostly Schmidt has been the one to eff everything up, but Cece isn’t entirely perfect either. When they first start hooking up, Cece treats Schmidt pretty terribly. When they finally decide to go for it, Schmidt ruins it by panicking that he isn’t enough for Cece and eventually “White Fang”s her. Cece then rushes into a marriage with someone she barely knows, though she calls off the wedding because she loves Schmidt, who is with another love of his life at the time. Schmidt dates them both at the same time and that obviously blows up in his face and everyone gets hurt and then Cece and Schmidt aren’t together for quite some time until, well, until they finally made it work.

I mean, so far, but they are getting married so hopefully that sticks. The point is, in any relationship but particularly an on-and-off relationship, each person will mess something up at least once or twice. And it’s okay to get past those things. Being on the same page is a cool feeling–it just takes awhile to get there.

Weird is beautiful.

It is pretty clear that Cece is the most “normal” or balanced person on New Girl. She is headstrong and smart and career-driven and calm. She hangs out with a bunch of lunatics though, basically, and Schmidt might be the weirdest one of all. Though Cece takes awhile to truly fall for him, when she finally loves Schmidt, she loves him with everything she’s got. She loves his quirks, his ridiculous ideas, his fear of spiders, and everything in between.

Love is all in a look.

When I was watching season 4 of New Girl, I could not stop being impressed with Hannah Simone’s acting. She genuinely looks like she is in love. Watching Cece look at Schmidt the way she looks at Schmidt was enough to melt my stupid little heart.

Waiting is the hardest part.

Both Cece and Schmidt managed to wait for one another through a variety of relationships (Robbie, Fawn, that cute Australian guy, Elizabeth) and somehow made it through to the other side. Though I consider myself a relatively level-headed human being, I have never successfully been friends with an ex especially if they start seeing someone else. Especially someone else wonderful! Both Cece and Schmidt had great partners (besides Fawn) and that always makes everything so much harder. 

Friendship is key.

Though I just said that I have never successfully been friends with an ex, I do wholeheartedly believe in being friends first. I know it is scary because “what if the friendship is ruined” and stuff afterward, but you know what? I have always felt that it was worth the risk. I definitely have ruined friendships but if the hint of something more is there, the friendship can be a little rocky anyway. Cece and Schmidt really honed in on their friendship throughout their history together and are now officially stronger than ever. How special is that?


It’s okay to speak your mind.

Hey, if you are super in love with someone, you should just go ahead and admit it already. Everyone will feel better about it.

Your friends can help you.

Sometimes, having a ton of mutual friends can be problematic but when you are starring in a television show, it comes in handy. Of course Nick, Jess, and Coach are all great, but the person who was most helpful in the Cece-Schmidt situation was always Winston. We really got some sweet Winston-Cece scenes in season 4 when Winston realizes that Cece is still in love with Schmidt and supports her through it.

Anyone can be in love. 

Like I’ve mentioned already, Schmidt is a little crazy and Cece is just a beautiful, perfect goddess woman, but you know what? Their love is so pure and wonderful. Schmidt has a lot of body issues and insecurities and Cece has struggled with her own inner struggles and they found one another and they finally made it work. I guess the lesson here is—never sell yourself short. If you are a Schmidt, there is no reason a woman like Cece won’t fall in love with you. Leagues are dumb and all that matters is mutual love.


I love these two. Happy February!

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