11 Halloween costumes you already have hanging in your closet — that you’ll actually be excited to wear

It’s well documented that we LOVE Halloween around these here parts. We like getting to be creative, getting dressed up, and checking out all of the other cute and/or clever and/or spine-chilling costumes.

But, if you also tend to procrastinate, then you may be no stranger to finding yourself utterly costumeless the day before Halloween (the horror!).  However, we have some good news for you: We have eight super cool costume that you likely already have in your own closet. From Frida Kahlo to Betty from Riverdale, we’ve got you covered.

1Olivia Pope from “Scandal”


All you need for this one is a pantsuit, some nice-looking jewelry, and curls. Easy peasy, right?

2Rosie the Riveter

This one is a classic. You just need to scour your closet for a red bandana, and a blue button down. Beyonce did it a few years ago and looked AMAZING.

3Mia from “La La Land”

You have a few different options for this one, which makes it even easier. She wears very simple (but beautiful) dresses in a variety of colors — including yellow, green, and blue, and you’ve likely got something similar in your closet. You can also make this a full-on group costume (i.e. Mia and her roommates) or a couple’s costume (Mia and Ryan Gosling, obvi!).

4Tom Cruise from “Risky Business”


This is one of the easiest costumes of all time. All you need is a long white button-down, white socks, and sunglasses. Piece of cake.

5Frida Kahlo


This one is great, because you can get a little creative with the fashion as long as you can replicate the hair and make-up. How amazing is this girl’s rendition?

6Betty from “Riverdale”


Can you put your hair back in a ponytail? Great. Have you got a plain sweater? Of course. Jeans? Yep. Ballet flats? Cool. You’re Betty!

7Veronica from “Riverdale”


For you Riverdale fans looking for something a little more edgy, Veronica is another easy costume go-to. Grab your pearls and, a fancy LBD, and — if you have one — a faux fur.

8Kylie Jenner


Leggings or sweats, a crop top, sneaks, and sunglasses. Baseball cap optional; bold lip mandatory. And if you want to be super topical, shove a pillow under your shirt for that rumored pregnancy glow.

9Regina George

via giphy

This one comes with a caveat: You have to be willing to destroy a perfectly good white tank top. But paired with a mini skirt and heels, and it just may be worth it.

10Georgie from “It”

If you have a yellow raincoat, grab some fake blood and a red balloon, and you’re DONE.

8“Three Hole Punch” You


This is one of our favorite lazy costumes of all time. Remember when Jim Halpert from The Office went as “Three Hole Punch Jim” for Halloween that one year? Yeah, well, you can, too. Add three circles to your normal clothes and voila.

So, don’t fret about your lack of costume prep time this year. There are plenty of solid last-minute options to be found. Happy costume-ing!