These “Egg Sheeran” Easter eggs are the new “Wreath Witherspoon”

Are you ready to see the latest internet creation sweeping the nation? With Easter coming up, people are getting really creative with their eggs. These Egg Sheeran Easter eggs are so awesome, they might give the famed Wreath Witherspoon wreaths a run for their money.

In addition to being down right adorable, these punny eggs are the perfect way for kids to enjoy the holiday. Just scrolling through different creations on social media has put a smile on our faces.

The original punny holiday decoration was the Wreath Witherspoon wreath. A glorious Christmas treat which you can see for yourself below.

Now it seems like Egg Sheeran eggs are the latest trend to sweep interest in kids and adults alike.

A Punny BEAUTIFUL Creation

The lovable red-headed singer has been immortalized by eggs everywhere.

Ed Sheeran’s signature red hair and musical talent has been molded out of pipe cleaners, string and paper! Who knew Ed could get any more adorable!?

Some people went a step further…

Some folks were not satisfied with a simple rendering of the singer’s face. Additionally they added a performance arena as well as some crafty musical instruments.

What can we say? Ed Sheeran has never looked as good.

The most interesting part is that kids designed a lot these eggs for school competitions. And many of them saw their Egg Sheeran Easter eggs take home first place. Ed might have a Grammy, but these kids have something better.


If you are looking to have something like this at your home, you totally can! Regardless of your artistic skill levels Egg Sheeran Easter eggs can be part of your home decor this year. All you’ll need are some hard boiled eggs and some art supplies. The rest is all about letting your imagination go!