McDonald’s Egg McMuffins served all day? Let’s do this!

One of the perils of waking up late is that you might miss the chance to snag a McDonald’s breakfast. If you’re not in that drive-thru line by 10:30am, any dreams of an Egg McMuffin are dashed, and Saturday is basically ruined. Well, fear not, fellow late-risers. McDonald’s is going to start serving their breakfast menu all day long in select areas. So whether you wake up at 9am or 2pm, that McMuffin can still be yours.

McDonald’s first began implementing a breakfast-all-day offering in San Diego, which went over very well (but like, OF COURSE it went over well). Now the golden arches are looking to expand this offering, and are heading down south. If You live in the Greenville or Greenwood, Mississippi, you’re in luck because this all-day feature is coming your way.

Along with the biscuit McMuffins, customers can also enjoy hotcakes, sausage burritos, hash browns, Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfaits and Fruit & Maple Oatmeal.

“We’re interested in getting our costumer’s perspectives from around the country,” Pam Williams, McDonald’s marketing director told USA Today, “it should allow us to get a good understanding of our costumers feelings and impressions of how this menu can work.”

After the Mississippi locations, McD’s is taking this test on the road to Nashville. So please go and get breakfast all day, because if this expanded test runs well, McDonald’s will continue offering this all-day option to more and more locations. The goal: Egg McMuffins for everyone, all the time!

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(Image via McDonalds)