You can now buy Egg McMuffins with Taco Bell receipts, so there’s that

In the fast food industry, not all is quiet on the breakfast front. While we were recently floored by the news that McDonald’s might be making 24/7 breakfast a thing, that’s nothing compared to what they’ve come up with now.

According to an article in Business Insider, select McDonald’s locations in northeast Pennsylvania will now be allowing customers to trade in Taco Bell receipts for a free Egg McMuffin — for a limited time, that is. The restaurant chain announced the promotion via the local Twitter account, so that means there’s still a couple more days for us to get some free breakfast if our loyalties have been lying elsewhere. The message is clear, and it’s written all over McDonald’s promotional material.

Ever since Taco Bell rolled out its breakfast menu, the two chains have been in heavy competition to see who will have the most sway over the morning crowd. In one of its latest ads, Taco Bell all but proclaimed McDonald’s to be a dictatorship — complete with propaganda print advertisements (see below) — and the back-and-forth has continued ever since.

It looks like this is just the latest in the fight to dominate breakfast, though time will tell if it was a wise business decision — since McDonald’s is pretty much giving out free food in order to keep customers away from their rival.

The battle may be far from over, but I confess to being at least a little curious to find out what these restaurants will come up with next in the battle for breakfast victory. (Can anything top the biscuit taco? Maybe. Maybe not.)

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