This is what the ‘Edward Scissorhands’ neighborhood looks like today

Edward Scissorhands is an iconic movie, not just for the kooky characters, but also for the retro-looking neighborhood it’s shot in. It’s all bumble-gum candy colors and geometric shapes, so you’re definitely going to be surprised when you see what the Florida neighborhood looks like now.

A few years ago, Reddit user stupidtrooper posted a whole bunch of hilarious photos, comparing and contrasting scenes from the movie with the current buildings and houses.

The whole look and feel of the neighborhood has completely changed, but you can still see shadows of the film behind all the wear and tear. For instance, the restaurant is now a doctor’s office, and the poles around the shopping center have been covered in brick.  But recently, another user, Andrew Cremeans, decided to take a second look. Cremeans grew up in the neighborhood, and, inspired by the photoset above, decided to go back and take some more pictures in light of the film’s 25 year anniversary. You can check those out below:

While I’m sure there was some repainting and repurposing, some of the movie magic is just in the camera angles. Cremeans told Mashable:

After 25 years, the magic of the film may have physically worn away, but it’s still alive in all our hearts and imaginations. With the power of the Internet, nothing will ever truly be forgotten — no matter how many bricks people build over it!

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