This Edna Mode fan theory could make the best Pixar movie

With news of The Incredibles getting a sequel (appropriately named The Incredibles 2), there was been a lot of interest and excitement about what more we might learn about any (or all) of the awesome characters from the first movie. Since we have to wait until 2019 for the movie itself, we have plenty of time to come up with our own suggestions for Pixar. So far nobody seems to have a more compelling and delightful storyline suggestion than Reddit user lexitania, which centers around the tiny yet terrifying (and also totally lovable) Edna Mode.


The story is brilliantly crafted and tells the tale of a young Edna straight out of design school who falls in love with a superhero. This could be a man or woman because, as lexitania puts it, “Edna Mode can do what ever she want[s].”

When Edna’s beloved needs to start fighting crime, she constructs the perfect outfit for the superhero(ine), complete with cape and all. Because her designs are so amazing, superpeople flock to her and she begins creating her fashion empire. What seems like a happy ending with Edna and her love living happily ever after ends up turning tragic when the super-bae dies of cape-related incident.

It’s simple, heartfelt, and gives meaningful insight into not only how Edna has become who she is, but also why she has such strong feelings towards capes.


It’s an awesome idea we know Pixar could knock out of the ballpark with both humor and heart. Not to mention the fact that it would give some delightful backstory (aside from who it’s likely based on) to one of the most unique and memorable characters in their entire imaginative world. But whomever the plot of The Incredibles 2 centers on, we’ll definitely be in the audience watching eagerly (without capes!)