Edible water balloons may one day replace plastic bottles

Drinking your water out of seaweed may not sound particularly palatable to many Americans, but one company is trying to change that. Skipping Rocks Lab is specifically working to replace plastic water bottles with its product Ooho! (pronounced Oh-ho) by using edible balloon-looking orbs to store the water. If you’ve been looking for more sustainable ways to consume water, Ooho! just may be the future.

As Skipping Rocks Lab tries to eliminate packaging waste (a truly admirable goal), the company is crowdsourcing its invention through the British site Crowdcube. The idea is that if you are out and about, you would be able to buy an Ooho! and just pop it into your mouth with no waste since the outside of the “balloon” is edible.

The catch is that the outside is made of seaweed.

Although edible seaweed is most closely associated with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean foods, the Ooho! can be used in any country. Currently, Skipping Rocks Lab is focusing on doing trials at major events in the U.K., like the London Marathon and the Glastonbury music festival. Because while you’d ideally never need to use a plastic water bottle, sometimes when you’re at public events, you can’t bring your reusable one.

And that’s where the Ooho! comes in to keep you hydrated in a fun and sustainable way.

Skipping Rocks Lab has already achieved their fundraising goal to create sustainable alternatives to water bottles, so get ready to be popping seaweed into your mouth for a hydrating surprise one day soon.

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