Game of Noms: This edible King’s Landing map is amaze

I love watching Game of Thrones because it’s fun to imagine Jon Snow marrying me and making me the happiest woman in all of King’s Landing. And if you’re like me, you have considered the fact that the only way that Game of Thrones could be more enjoyable would be if more snacking were looped in. Well, don’t worry you guys, someone has made this happen.

Just like I’ve yearned for in all of my wildest dreams, someone has made Game of Thrones edible. Kind of. (You and I probably won’t actually get to taste it, but it’s the thought that counts, right?) Michelle Wibowo, an award winning cake designer and sugar artist has created a replica of HBO’s King’s Landing. And it’s gingerbread. This takes “Winter is coming” to a whole new level, my friends.

The artist posted photos to her twitter documenting the different steps to the process.

And HBO was so impressed with the artistic creation, they posted the final photo to their twitter.  

The edible replica was originally intended for the Taste of London Festival, and was commissioned by HBO. But the extremely accurate depiction of the magical land has been blowing up the internet. How could it not? This thing is insane!

And this isn’t Wibowo’s first jaw dropping dessert creation. In 2014, she created a depiction of the Duke of Cambridge and Prince George, completely out of Toblerone candy bars. And in 2014 recreated Michaelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” with 10,000 marshmallows and half a billion cake sprinkles.

Thanks Michelle, now I’m jealous AND hungry.

(Image via Twitter)

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