An edible bread lion has basically made the internet explode

If you’ve never seen the Great British Bake Off, you’re about to be in for a treat. The BBC One show is known for its fun challenges to create whimsical cakes and edible creations — and this week’s might be its greatest yet.

Wednesday night’s episode was all about baking bread. Not just any bread, though—3-D bread sculptures. Contestants combined grains and flavors to produce wildly impressive (some more so than others, but still) masterpieces. But one sculpture stood out above the rest.

Paul Jagger created a magnificent lion made ENTIRELY. OUT. OF. BREAD. He used white bread, wholemeal, figs and walnuts. It’s seriously the most impressive thing ever made with bread. It belongs in a museum.

Naturally, the Twittersphere lost its mind over Paul’s incredible creation.

But here’s the twist—after all that love for the lion, it didn’t even take home top honors! The title of Star Baker instead went to Ian, who crafted a black olive and Parmesan flowerpot, complete with brioche flowers, a rose and raspberry marzipan. We’ll admit, it’s pretty darn impressive.

“I did actually like Ian’s—the idea of the plant pot,” said Paul.

Other bread creations included a bicycle (or “breadcycle”) by Tamal, an unmade bed by Dorret and a pavilion by Mat.

We think Simba would approve.

Featured image via Twitter