Eddie Redmayne literally used Jimmy Fallon’s spit for a magic trick

Eddie Redmayne plays a magizoologist onscreen in the upcoming Crimes of Grindelwald movie, but it turns out his magical abilities transcend the Harry Potter universe. The British actor appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Wednesday, November 7th, to talk about the new Fantastic Beasts film, and in the process revealed his passion for real-life magic…and his, um, unusual methods.

At Fallon’s prompting, Redmayne revealed that he was “sort of embarrassingly” into magic as a kid. “You know how kids have magicians for their birthday and stuff?” he asked. “But only until the age of eight, nine, maybe pushing it, ten, 11? At age 15, 18…I was still inviting magicians.”

The actor then demonstrated a trick for Fallon on the show. We won’t give it away, except to say that it involves a letter with “Hogwartsian writing,” a pack of cards, a potion from Hogwarts, and Fallon’s tongue. That’s right. Redmayne actually asked the late-night host to lick a deck of cards.

"I need your spittle, Fallon," he said.


Grindelwald is likely quaking in his wizard boots.

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