Eddie Redmayne + Harry Potter = YES PLEASE!

We got ALL kinds of excited when we heard that the Harry Potter movies weren’t going to end with “Deathly Hallows Pt. 2,” and, in fact the Headmistress of the Hogwarts Universe herself, J.K. Rowling, would be penning the screen adaptation for her HP spin-off “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.”

Now we are excited beyond excited beyond excited to learn that this year’s Oscar-winning Best Actor Eddie Redmayne is the frontrunner to play the lead in “Fantastic Beasts.” Nothing’s official YET, but you guys, let’s work together, we can totally internet peer-pressure Hollywood into making this happen for us.

So what’s “Fantastic Beasts” about, anyway? As Variety reports:

“Set in New York roughly seven decades before Harry Potter’s saga starts, ‘Fantastic Beasts’ is based on the Hogwarts textbook of the same name and follows the adventures of its author, Newt Scamander. Scamander is described as a ‘magiczoologist,’ which in the “Harry Potter” realm is a person who studies magical creatures.”

They should just seal the deal with Redmayne already, I mean, have you even SEEN Redmayne’s cheekbones? I don’t know HOW you’re going to get much more magical than that.

“Fantastic Beasts” is set to arrive November 18th, 2016, and we’re excited for it no matter WHO is playing the lead (but seriously, please let it be Redmaybe kthanxbai).

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