Eddie Redmayne just magically delivered a ton of Harry Potter fans the *best* gift

Eddie Redmayne is at Comic-Con promoting Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a long-awaited extension to the Harry Potter universe, and he brought the magic. Literally. He brought magic wands.

During the epic panel for the upcoming Harry Potter spin-off series, Redmayne handed out wands to the ENTIRE AUDIENCE. And they weren’t even wizards — they were all muggles (presumably)!

You get a wand, you get a wand, you get a wand, you get a wand!


To say we’re jealous is a massive understatement.

Here’s Newt Scamander himself posing with a magic wand, along with an entire stadium of muggles and their brand new wands.

Since wands in the Harry Potter world technically have no meaning to muggles, and since they always choose their owners, we’re pretty sure there weren’t many spells cast in that audience.

But nonetheless, people were still super excited to get their very own wand from Redmayne, because duh.


Oh wait…

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