Eddie Redmayne “Fantastic Beasts” role is all because of a lucky encounter and we’re sort of impressed

You never know what will happen in a day and if you need proof, think about this. Thanks to a suitcase, Eddie Redmayne says his Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them role is all because of a suitcase. When meeting with director David Yates, Redmayne came in with a Globe-Trotter suitcase, not knowing that the Newt has a signature case of his own in the film. “Literally, when he walked in, it made me think of what Jo told us about Newt,” Yates said. “And as soon as he walked in, I went, ‘Oh my god, it’s Newt Scamander!’”

Redmayne’s use of the suitcase was purely coincidental, according to New York. Very little was known about Scamander as a character so there was no way for Redmayne to know how important a suitcase was to the role. “I was slightly embarrassed that I had somehow subconsciously dressed like him. I didn’t want to be one of those actors who come to meetings or auditions dressed up like the character,” Redmayne said in an interview with New York’s Vulture.

The coincidence improved Yates and continued to work with Redmayne as JK Rowling developed the character within the series. He also got to talk to Rowling for an hour about the character and his place in the Harry Potter universe. “There’s a much larger story about good versus evil that she wants to tell, and he’s our way into it.”

We get to get a glimpse of the American Wizarding world and Scamander’s suitcase on November 17th and we cannot wait.

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