Eddie Redmayne explained how “Fantastic Beasts” differs from “Harry Potter” and we love everything about it

We love Eddie Redmayne and J.K. Rowling and wizards. So, of course, we ~can’t wait~ for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, another wizard world created by Rowling and starring Redmayne. Btw, the film will be here in 12 days. (Twelve verrrry lonnng days.)

Now, Redmayne explained how Fantastic Beasts is different than Harry Potter, reported Cinema Blend.

Hint: Fantastic Beasts takes place seventy years before Harry Potter entered our lives. Wow, right?!

So the main difference between the two films? It seems to be about the former’s 1920s setting.

“It’s this amazing age of the Jazz Age and Prohibition, and there’s a kind of vibrancy to that place at that time, Redmayne told Entertainment Weeklyat PopFest in Los Angeles. “But also there are rumblings of this huge war of good versus evil going on. And this Englishman, this English wizard, arrives in New York, and the beasts getting out sort of sets into motion a whole load of things.

Okay, just to clarify again: We. Can’t. Wait. (Is it November 18th yet?!)

Of course, the first Harry Potter took place in England in the 1990s, so we can just imagine what a different look the David Yates-directed Fantastic Beasts will have.

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Our thoughts exactly! After all, who doesn’t love the atmosphere of the ‘20s?!

And alongside Redmayne, we’ll see some of our other fave stars, like Katherine Waterston, Ezra Miller, and Colin Farrell.

And ICYMI, you def need to check out the film’s trailer, no excuses.