Eddie Redmayne just talked about how desperate he was to be in a ‘Harry Potter’ movie

If there was one British film franchise to get into in the past decade, it was Harry Potter. But while the films featured some of the biggest names in British and world cinema alongside newcomers, not everyone could land a role. But for at least one thwarted star, a second chance has come along.

Eddie Redmayne, the star of the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, had high hopes of being cast in the original eight films. With his red hair, he figured he had a shot at being a Weasley, but sadly … not so much.

“For years I was like, in the Harry Potter films, there was a whole ginger family, and I never got an audition. And I was like, come on, it’s outrageous!” Redmayne said recently in an interview with the UK’s ITV. “So I was desperate. Every actor in England was in the Harry Potter films, but I never got the call. Now I’m having my moment.”

Redmayne isn’t the first actor to miss out on the Hogwarts Express. Martin Freeman has spoken about being one of “seven British actors” who weren’t cast. But, of course, much like Redmayne, things wound up working out for the star of The Hobbit and Sherlock.

Redmayne went on to talk about his current in-theater film, The Danish Girl, and how he prepares for his roles. According to him, despite playing some all-consuming roles, he’s able to shift back and forth between the role and real life, although his wife sees some of the “physicality of each part” Redmayne takes on.

Does that mean he got into the habit of waving a wand while playing Newt? Or maybe hauling around a suitcase? Either way, we’re glad he’s finally been welcomed into the Wizarding World!

(Image via Warner Bros.)

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