Ed Westwick has been recast in a role he already completed, just like Kevin Spacey

Now hear this: Ed Westwick, who has been accused of sexual assault by three women, has been recast in a role for an upcoming project he’s already completed, in the same way that Christopher Plummer stepped in to reshoot Kevin Spacey’s part in All The Money in the World after sexual misconduct allegations against Spacey surfaced in October.

Filming for the BBC One drama Ordeal by Innocence wrapped up in September, and when the accusations against Westwick came out in November, the network initially said they would toss the project entirely. But now, the special’s creative team will reshoot all the actor’s scenes later this month.

British actor Christian Cooke will play Ed Westwick’s former part of Mickey Argyll.

Ordeal is an Agatha Christie adaptation about the Argyll family finding out that their black sheep brother, Jack, may not have killed their mother after all. Amazon Studios will distribute the drama domestically.

And here’s what we know about the allegations made against Westwick: Actress Kristina Cohen accused the actor of raping her in a Facebook post in November. Former actress Aurélie Wynn later came forward with a similar story, and producer Rachel Eck said he assaulted her. Westwick has denied all claims. Westwick also stepped away from White Gold, another series he’d been working on, in light of allegations against him.

We’ll have to wait and see if BBC One’s is successful in the same way director Ridley Scott (and his team) was in recasting Spacey’s All The Money part; Plummer earned a Golden Globe nomination and, of course, the choice was an important one. As Michelle Williams told Entertainment Weekly in the wake of Spacey’s recasting: “It sends a message to predators — you can’t get away with this anymore. Something will be done.”