Ed Sheeran went above and beyond for a fan with cancer, winning over our hearts per usual

Today in Ed Sheeran Winning At Life (Again) News, we learned that just this week, the singer visited Jess Knight in her hospital room in New Zealand. It was her 20th birthday, and she couldn’t attend his concert due to her cancer treatment. This lucky lady probably won’t be forgetting this birthday anytime soon!

Jess originally bought tickets for Sheeran’s Auckland show, but was soon after diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and was too sick to attend this leg of Sheeran’s tour. Enduring endless hospital stays, chemotherapy sessions, and a bone marrow transplant, Jess was far too sick to attend the show. But Jess has an amazing BFF, Anna Strong, and Anna wasn’t about to let Ed Sheeran travel through New Zealand and NOT meet Jess. Anna figured that if Jess couldn’t make it to Sheeran’s show, she’d bring the Sheeran show to her.

“We see Ed do amazing stuff for his fans all the time and the power of messages going viral these days is so crazy,” Anna explained to the Huffington Post UK. “So why not try.” So Anna set up an online campaign through social media, using the hashtag  #KiaOraEdPlsVisitJess, and creating the Ed Visit Jess Facebook site. Ed Sheeran being the compassionate, endlessly kind human he is, totally noticed. He turned up to her hospital room for a nice visit where the duo chatted each other up for an half hour, talking food, movies, and the upcoming South American part of the tour. You know, just the usual thing you’d do when a mega-star comes to visit you on your birthday.

Some of Jess’ friends were starstruck when he walked in, but Jess never lost her cool. She told the local news affiliate, TVNZ, “A couple of the girls had the shakes, I had a lot of butterflies. He was just a genuinely nice guy. Just real chilled and down to earth.” We’re so happy Jess and Ed had such a rad time together!

And thankfully, Jess is now in remission and doing really well, post transplant. The only thing she has to worry about now, is how her 21st birthday could ever top this one.

Check out the video of Jess’ surprise birthday “present” below and try not to happy-weep (it will be hard!).

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