Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” video is a home movie montage and it’ll melt your heart

I’m just going to say it: Ed Sheeran is making some of the best music videos out today. Yes, of course his songs are incredible and he is musically gifted like whoa, but almost equally impressive are the visual representations of those songs, which I can only imagine come from Ed’s brilliantly, wonderfully, sometimes weird (in the best way) mind.

It’s actually kind of rare for Ed to be the star of one of his videos. Instead, he likes to showcase the talents of others, whether it’s an actor like Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, who stood in for Ed in the “Lego House” video, or an incredible dancer like Pacman, who wowed the world in the video for “Don’t.” But for his “Photograph” video, Ed definitely took centerstage…although not in the way you might expect. Instead, Ed starred in the video via a montage of amazing home movies that show him growing up from a baby all the way through his present day star status.

The video features a lot of different iterations of Ed. There’s adorable bouncing baby Ed. There’s hilarious kid in glasses Ed. There’s (OMG SO CUTE) just-learning-to-play piano Ed. There’s teenager playing music on a street corner just to get his art out into the world Ed.

There are a lot of Eds and they’re all adorable and awesome and aww-worthy. You have to see the video for yourself. 


Go ahead, hit replay. We know you want to (because we did too). Sigh. We love this song, this video and this awesomely-talented human.

(Image via YouTube.)

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