Ed Sheeran’s friendship with Kit Harington apparently began in a bathroom

Sometimes you find friends in the most unlikely places. For example, Ed Sheeran met Kit Harington while both of them were using a public restroom. The singer and Game of Thrones actor were familiar with each other, but not face-to-face familiar. Definitely not familiar enough to make the encounter free of awkward feelings.

Harington, who most of us know best as Jon Snow, mentioned how it all went down during an appearance on The Late Late Show. For those of you who don’t know, Sheeran is set to make an appearance on the hit HBO show during this upcoming season.

Of course, since life is cruel, their friendly meeting happened while both stars were using the urinal.


"You know, sometimes, a guy comes up to you, next to you, and sort of does a double take while you’re taking a piss, he said. "And then he looks back forward, and then he looks at your dodger. And then he looks back at you and says, ‘Are you Jon Snow?’ And that was Ed Sheeran."

 Luckily, Harington recognized the singer before saying something he couldn’t take back. Truthfully, we’re sure that Sheeran was simply in shock, and didn’t realize the whole thing was a little weird. We mean, he’s made it obvious that he’s a big fan.

While it may have been an embarrassing moment, it was also the start of a beautiful friendship. And we’ve got a good feeling that the two have laughed about it since.

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