Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill” music video is here, and it gives us a glimpse into his childhood

It can be seriously hard waiting for new music from Ed Sheeran, but when it comes, he always delivers something meaningful, surprising, and emotionally generous.

And this Monday morning brings good news, because we heard from EW that Sheeran released his video for Castle on the Hill, the track that we couldn’t get enough of when it dropped earlier this month!

And it looks like our favorite redhead is going back to his roots. The video shows a redheaded high school kid (from his real high school in Suffolk!) drinking cans of beer and driving around the countryside with his friends, while the lyrics mention awkward first kisses, growing up, and ultimately going home to where it all began.


Sooooooo…we already had a sneaking suspicion that ÷ was going to be a great album, but now it’s cold hard fact. We dig the nostalgic feeling of this simple video, which is also very warm and emotionally resonant.

And talk about casting: that red headed kid was a perfect stand-in for Ed! (Okay no one could be better than Rupert Grint in Sheeran’s video for Lego House, but this guy is pretty close.)

They are just adorable together, literally like long lost brothers.

There have been many great Ed Sheeran videos, and the best part is they all offer a different piece of him as a person. And you know what that means? We’ll never be bored and we’ll keep growing together!


Obviously we’ll be sitting tight until this album drops in early March, while listening to this track on repeat.

Thanks, Ed, for making our day!

H/T: People

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