Ed Sheeran went to a tiny pub in Galway, hundreds of people swarmed

When you’re an in-demand pop star, sometimes you can’t catch a break. In order to shoot his latest music video, Ed Sheeran went to a pub in Galway, Ireland, and pretty soon, a swarm followed. These fans wanted to get a mere glimpse of our favorite red-headed rocker, and surely he was a little flattered.

That said, Sheeran was definitely there for business — not just pleasure. The pub he chose, O’Connor’s, wasn’t open to the public at the time. Since the video is for his song “Galway Girl,” it makes a lot of sense. Sheeran was born in Hebden Bridge in the United Kingdom, while Galway is located in Ireland. The song is rumored to be about Niamh Dunne, who he’s friends with.

 In fact, Metro reports that Dunne and her band stayed over at Sheeran’s place when he was looking for a little songwriting inspiration.

Of course fans from Galway probably feel a bit of a connection with him after that. After all, everyone likes when their town is name-dropped.

From the sounds of it, Sheeran’s presence definitely brought Galway together in a weird yet adorable way. false

While fans are piecing together information about the video, it’s definitely a possibility that Saoirse Ronan is involved. Perhaps as the Galway Girl herself. (Or, maybe she just really enjoys music video shoots.) false

Rumor has it that after filming, Sheeran left through the back of the pub. Probably to take control of the over-crowded situation. false

But, since he’s such a cool guy, he definitely made sure to acknowledge his fans. In fact, a few of them got to be featured in this shot that Sheeran posted to Instagram for his over 10 million followers:

Everyone looks so happy!

We seriously can’t wait to see the video for “Galway Girl.” Knowing what happened behind the scenes (or, outside-the-scenes to get a bit more specific) will make the premiere even more special.