Get your cry face ready because Ed Sheeran just surprised the most deserving wedding couple

Sometimes, life can be tragic. No one knows that better than Australian couple Kya and Matt Debono, who went through an awful death in the family back in 2012 when Kya’s mother took her own life. Though Kya and Matt had been saving for their wedding, after her mother passed away all their savings were used to pay for funeral arrangements. As much as Kya and Matt wanted to get married, their dream wedding was just no longer an option.

That’s why Matt wrote to KIIS 1065, a Sydney radio station known in Australia for the DJs Kyle and Jackie O. After all Kya had been through, he wanted desperately to surprise her, a mother of two, with the wedding she’d always dreamed of. When the station heard about Kya and Matt’s plight, they resolved to help make this happen however they could.

Kyle and Jackie brought the couple on air by pretending they’d be participating in a new radio segment . . . but then surprised them with a wedding worth $60,000.

Here’s Kya the moment she learned the news:

Thanks to the radio station and the Sydney Bridal Expo, everything was taken care, from the bride’s (gorg) gown to the honeymoon. Kya and Matt were able to have the wedding they always wanted.

Also, the ceremony was gorgeously beautiful. It’s hard not to feel those tears coming.

But that wasn’t all that Kyle and Jackie had in store for the couple. In fact, the biggest surprise came AFTER the ceremony, at the reception when Kyle and Jackie dropped in to make a big announcement.

“It is time for our first dance,” Jackie said, “and that is a really memorable moment at a wedding. So we wanted to make your first dance a little bit more special today. So we’re going to leave you with a little wedding singer that we organized, and we hope you enjoy.”

And then, the gorgeous Ed Sheeran walked in and jaws DROPPED.

Ed Sheeran headed to the stage smiling, and said to the totally astounded bride and groom, “Hello. Happy wedding day!” Kya and Matt waved back, grinning and starstruck.

Then, our lovely Ed launched into “Thinking Out Loud,” and of course totally rocked it. Kya and Matt had their first dance . . . to Ed Sheeran in the flesh.

Oh, and did we mention that the bride and groom are the cutest couple ever?

Luckily, all of this amazingness was <a href=”

“>caught on video. Check it out below, and prepare to feel a mixture of intense jealousy and pure happiness.

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