Ed Sheeran was injured in an accident, and it may affect his upcoming shows

When you play guitar, any type of hand or arm injury suddenly becomes a lot more serious. Ed Sheeran had a bicycle accident, and from the looks of it, his arm is out of commission for a little bit.

Sheeran is no stranger to injuries. For one, he’s constantly having trouble with his eardrums. As reported by Billboard, he admitted that he had one burst when he jumped off of a yacht back in 2015.  Then, there was the time he burned part of his foot while on a trip to Iceland.

While it’s currently unclear as to what type of biking accident Sheeran got into, or whether or not he was struck by a car, we’re just happy he’s seemingly okay.

"I’m currently waiting on some medical advice, which may affect some of my upcoming shows," he wrote. "Please stay tuned for further news."

Sheeran is currently scheduled to play a show in Taipei on October 22nd, and is currently booked up with many other international gigs until mid-August of next year. So, if he had to postpone a few dates, it might be tough to quickly reschedule them.

Sheeran has spent a lot of his Divide tour playing solo on-stage without any type of backup band, according to Rolling Stone. In order to play his tunes, he’s depended mostly on an acoustic guitar.

The good news is that we think Sheeran will make sure to alert his fans the second he finds out. We just hope that he gets well soon.