Ed Sheeran stops by ‘Sesame Street,’ melts our hearts

Ed Sheeran has been melting our hearts with beautiful for ballads for years now. Seriously, “Thinking Out Loud” might be the most romantic song of the year and every time Ed picks up a guitar and exercises his pipes, our hearts flutter a little in that amazing, I-just-realized-I-have-a-crush-on-someone way. Don’t think that just because Ed’s songs reflect his mature, old soul that little kids can’t appreciate his amazing vocals and epic talent, too. Ed proved that his is a voice for all generations when he stopped by Sesame Street to sing about the differences in how we behave at home and at school in the song, “Two Different Worlds.”

Now, before you start lamenting that Ed has traded in his cool vibes for preschool-worthy lessons, you need to pause and read this: “Two Different Worlds” might be the most radio-ready Sesame Street song of all time. Sure, the lyrics are about how it’s cool to go a little crazy and do what you feel like at home, but that you have to practice more self-control at school (which is a totally solid message for the kiddos!), but the song sounds like an actual pop hit. It’s like if Ed were collaborating with old school Mumford & Sons, except the sons are all adorable muppets.

Just listen for yourself:

Of course it’s great that little kids are learning to be on their best behavior at school (and from a super cool, BFF-with-Taylor-Swift role model, at that), but the even better news is that Ed no doubt has a legion of new young fans to keep his hits on the radio for years to come — and we’re 100% okay with that future. Plus, we actually love Ed even more now that we see him dedicating some of his time to help shape the next generation and we didn’t know that loving Ed more was a possible thing. So it looks like this Sesame Street special taught us something, too.