That time Ed Sheeran took part in a “peep show”

Wanna see a “peep show”? Think you’re venturing dangerously into “NSFW” territory? Think again.

Recently, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee , the Australian comedy duo, launched an epic experiment involving one of our favorite musicians and a racy phrase that’s not always as racy as it seems.

Inspired by the true definition of a “peep show”—which, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, simply means, “a sequence of pictures viewed through a lens or hole set into a box, traditionally offered as a public entertainment”—the duo decided to put on a wholesome peep show. . .with the help of Ed Sheeran.

Boiling it down to its purest meaning, the duo offered passersby a glimpse of multi-platinum selling artist Sheeran through “a lens or hole set into a box.” In this case, it was a private black-box theater that visitors could “peek” into for a couple of minutes at a time.

To really work with the theme, co-host Hamish went undercover as a seedy looking fellow trying to entice strangers off the street to take a look inside at Ed, for a measly $2. For the most part it was a tall order; turns out, not a whole lot of people are eager to follow the instructions of a guy with a blonde neck beard and an unemployed carnival worker’s uniform, but eventually they found some willing onlookers.

And those who took the challenge, well, just see for yourself how they reacted when the peep show curtain pulled back to reveal a crooning Ed Sheeran. Yeah, it was worth the two bucks.

(Image via YouTube)


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