Ed Sheeran just wrote a note that makes us all want to lose our IDs

Add this to the lists of reasons why we love Ed Sheeran. Here we are at #5,687: If you lose your ID at his concert, he’ll send it back to you complete with a handwritten note.

Losing your ID is never fun — and this is coming from someone who has lost their ID before. There’s a whole lot of hassle, and some light paperwork, and the fact that your identity is out there, floating around in the world without you. Losing your ID at a concert might be one of the worst places to lose it, because between all the crowds of people, the foot traffic, and the fact that it’s usually pretty dark, you’re never going to see it ever again. Kiss your ID goodbye.

That is, unless you happen to lose it at the venue where Sheeran is playing.

One Sheeran fan by the name of Georgia found herself in that situation. She lost her ID at his concert, and I can only imagine her response was a lot of panicking and “oh noooooooooooo!” But someone on Sheeran’s security team found it, and instead of just sending it back to her (because, her address would have been on it), Sheeran intercepted and decided to write a note.

As you do when you’re a huge music star, and one of your fans looses their identification at your concert. 

A Reddit user by the name of Godxus shared it online, explaining that they were a friend of Georgia’s and this was the note Sheeran sent back. It’s short and sweet, but it’s honestly the thought that counts. It’s the fact that Sheeran took time out of doing a bazillion other rock star things to write a handwritten note. It’s too sweet.

Check out the note below, and remember if you’re going to lose your ID, make sure it’s in the vicinity of Ed.

(Image via Shutterstock.)